As has been noted that finding a great quality fleece blanket is not an easy task. The majority of the company owner is focused to generate a product with cheap prices. To make it possible somehow they lose the quality of products. Consequently, poorly manufactured products look shabby, shed, or pill after a few washes.

We have started this organization because not anyone was delivering contended blanket in the textile industry so I have decided to do this on priority with the power of our heart and soul.

More than 10 years of Textile trading experience. We have an adequate understanding of people who need about to choose the blanket, bedsheets curtains, and many more textile products.

We grow up with many learning challenges in the textile industry. We have spent countless days in many factories to have a better understanding of quality clothes. We spent lots of time around fabric cutting tables and sewing machines so that we have strong confidence while we are going to sell all these items.

After all the hardworking and great experience in textiles, we run an organization built on pride, respect, thoughtfulness and most important the good quality products.

In this industry, many of the traders get stuck in the dilemma of lesser price products that encourage them to focus on earn money. However, we have left this theory and we acquired one rule is to deliver good quality.

We hope that we will get the opportunity to serve you next time.

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Gurpreet Singh Padam

Vishu Kwatra
Marketing Director